About Shelinda

Shelinda Knight Davenport

Shelinda is currently a pursuing her Master’s degree in Social Innovation at Grand Valley State University (GVSU). She holds a BA in Liberal Studies with an emphasis in Leadership of Human Rights and Oppression from GVSU. Shelinda, who is an intellectually curious and civically engaged as a community leader, utilizes her education and training to examine and challenge social issues and to educate the public. Formally based in Los Angeles, California, and Battle Creek, Michigan, Shelinda hosted a talk show “Cute Lin Checkin’ In” where she interviewed many people (including a candidate for Governor of California, Black American World War II veterans, Black artists, and several members of the community) on topics of racism, poverty, disabilities, alternative lifestyles, and proposed solutions. As an innovator, Shelinda’s mission is to use her education and platforms to address social justice issues and systemic problems that disproportionately affect marginalized communities.